180+ Methodology in Humanities Solved MCQs


Modern science depends on

A. opinions
B. beliefs
C. facts
D. intuitions
Answer» C. facts

Methods that are create and speculative are employed by

A. social science
B. humanities
C. physical science
D. natural science
Answer» B. humanities

Humanities emphasis the role of

A. meaning of human conditions
B. purpose of human conditions
C. goals of human conditions
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

The source of all the sciences and social sciences is

A. philosophy
B. history
C. psychology
D. astrology
Answer» A. philosophy

The classical Greek notion of philosophy was

A. to improve our social world
B. to educate its citizens
C. to demarcate the national and social world
D. to understand the world
Answer» B. to educate its citizens

Literature is primarily a subject of

A. natural sciences
B. social sciences
C. humanities
D. psychology
Answer» C. humanities

History deals with

A. fancies
B. facts
C. hypotheses of past
D. beliefs
Answer» B. facts

Founding father of sociology

A. augustie comte
B. emile durkheim
C. max weber
D. karl marx
Answer» A. augustie comte

Term ideology was coined by

A. louis althusser
B. terry eagleton
C. destutt de tracy
D. frantz fanan
Answer» C. destutt de tracy

David Hume was a

A. german scientists
B. british philosopher
C. french sociologist
D. american educationist
Answer» A. german scientists

Twentieth century literary criticism attempted to keep away from

A. discuss on value
B. discussion on taste
C. discussion on reality
D. discussion on truth
Answer» A. discuss on value

Positivism laid stress on use of

A. social science method
B. cultural studies
C. natural sciences
D. spiritual metaphysics
Answer» C. natural sciences

Cause hypotheses and explanations are the testing ground of

A. natural sciences
B. social sciences
C. literature
D. philosophy
Answer» B. social sciences

There is relative freedom from subjective biases in study of

A. philosophy
B. literature
C. natural sciences
D. social sciences
Answer» D. social sciences

What is prominent factor in structuring taste?

A. education
B. family status
C. social class
D. personality
Answer» C. social class

______ is the belief that human beings possess an innate, natural unchanging identity

A. idealism
B. essentialism
C. constructivism
D. naturalism
Answer» B. essentialism

Theories which understand reality as constructed within culture through language are called _____ theories.

A. constructivist
B. essentialist
C. idealist
D. pragmatist
Answer» A. constructivist

The evolved human capacity to classify and represent experiences with symbols, and to act imaginatively and creatively is called.

A. culture
B. subjectivity
C. identity
D. language
Answer» A. culture

_____ is the verbal expression of culture

A. signs
B. language
C. signals
D. symbols
Answer» B. language

Capacity that separates humans from other primates

A. emotions
B. mobility
C. communication
D. language
Answer» D. language

The core idea that man’s language moulds his perception of reality belongs to

A. sapir and whorf
B. saussure and choamsky
C. bloomfield and halliday
D. none of the above
Answer» A. sapir and whorf

The study of the cultural system of signs is called

A. linguistics
B. pragmatics
C. symbolism
D. semiotics
Answer» D. semiotics

Hignlish is an example of

A. dialect
B. idiolect
C. ethnolect
D. genderlect
Answer» C. ethnolect

Father of modern linguistics

A. saussure
B. bloomfield
C. halliday
D. chomsky
Answer» A. saussure

The Social, economic and cultural context in which reality is represented and communicates meaning is called

A. institution
B. society
C. dialogue
D. discourse
Answer» D. discourse

______ Argued for English as a more neutral language where traditional caste names become irrelevant.

A. ambedkar
B. nehru
C. gandhi
D. raja ram mohan roy
Answer» A. ambedkar

Narrative is an act of

A. imitation
B. communication
C. imagination
D. expression
Answer» B. communication

Wimsatt and Robert Pen Warren belong to a group called

A. new critics
B. structuralist
C. post modernist
D. formalist
Answer» A. new critics

Who wrote Shamela

A. henry fielding
B. shakespeare
C. samuel richardson
D. daniel defoe
Answer» A. henry fielding

J.M. Coetzee’s Foe is a retelling of

A. jane eyre
B. wide sargasso sea
C. robinson crusoe
D. joseph andrews
Answer» C. robinson crusoe

Mary Shelly’s Fankenstein is about the quest of a

A. explorer
B. poet
C. scientist
D. doctor
Answer» C. scientist

Who wrote wide Sargasso sea

A. jean rhys
B. charlette bronte
C. daniel defoe
D. emile bronte
Answer» A. jean rhys

The narrative strategies of Hadith are associated with which religion?

A. hinduism
B. judaism
C. jainism
D. islam
Answer» D. islam

Study of narrative is known as

A. sociology
B. grammatology
C. lexicology
D. narratology
Answer» D. narratology

The essay ‘Narrative Construction of Reality’ was written by

A. walter scott
B. jerome bruner
C. roland barthes
D. derek walcott
Answer» B. jerome bruner

The idea of mimesis was first introduced by _____ & _____

A. plato and aristotle
B. plato and longinus
C. dryden and longinus
D. socrates of descartes
Answer» A. plato and aristotle

According to Aristotle _____ is the effect of mimesis

A. monologue
B. catharsis
C. confession
D. confusion
Answer» B. catharsis

_____ is the direct representation of reality

A. mimesis
B. diegesis
C. reality
D. logos
Answer» A. mimesis

Indirect representation or re-presentation of reality is known as

A. mimesis
B. narration
C. diegesis
D. description
Answer» C. diegesis

If On a Winter’s Night Traveler is a novel by

A. salman rushdie
B. italo calvino
C. daniel defoe
D. shakespeare
Answer» B. italo calvino

Saleem Sinai is a character in

A. midnight’s children
B. one hundred years of solitude
C. if on a winter’s night traveler
D. satanic verses
Answer» A. midnight’s children

Who prepared the two main modes of thinking Logico Scientific of the narrative

A. jerome bruner
B. roland barthes
C. wayne c. booth
D. italo calvino
Answer» A. jerome bruner

Dorothy wordsworth is William Wordsworth’s

A. mother
B. sister
C. wife
D. daughter
Answer» B. sister

Narrative theory focuses on author, text and

A. reader
B. critic
C. narrator
D. critic
Answer» A. reader

The concept of implied author was first formulated by

A. roland barthes
B. immanuel kant
C. vladimir propp
D. wayne c booth
Answer» D. wayne c booth

Which of the following is heterodox school of Indian Philosophy?

A. nyaya
B. budhism
C. vaisesika
D. yoga
Answer» B. budhism

Which school propounded the doctrine of syadavada?

A. jainsim
B. sankhya
C. vedanta
D. yoga
Answer» A. jainsim

Which one of the following is a means of valid knowledge?

A. tarka
B. anumana
C. smriti
D. pramana
Answer» B. anumana

Another name for illusion in

A. smrit
B. khyati
C. anumana
D. samvada
Answer» B. khyati

The prama that is not accepted by the Samkya school is

A. perception
B. inference
C. comparison
D. testimony
Answer» C. comparison

Which of the Pramanas was accepted by all the schools?

A. perception
B. inference
C. doubt
D. representation
Answer» A. perception

Which among the following is a type of invalid knowledge?

A. doubt
B. testimony
C. inference
D. tarka
Answer» A. doubt

The earliest available Indian literature on record are the

A. puranas
B. sasthras
C. vedas
D. itihasas
Answer» C. vedas

_____was the period of the early settlement of the Aryans in the Indus Valley.

A. epic period
B. sutra period
C. vedic period
D. none of these
Answer» C. vedic period

Democratization of upanishadic ideas occurred through

A. jainism
B. gita
C. carvaka school
D. nyaya
Answer» B. gita

Which school accepts only perception as a pramana?

A. carvaka
B. yoga
C. mimamsa
D. vaiseshika
Answer» A. carvaka

Commentaries on sutras are called

A. kavya
B. sabda
C. bhashya
D. mantra
Answer» C. bhashya

Materialism does not accept _____ as a primal element

A. air
B. space
C. water
D. earth
Answer» B. space

The first of the central doctrines of Budhism concerns the ___ noble truths

A. four
B. six
C. eight
D. nine
Answer» A. four

According to Sankhya School, the unchanging eternal self is called

A. prakriti
B. guna
C. dravya
D. purusha
Answer» D. purusha

The shared system of structures and conventions and rules in language is called…….

A. parole
B. langue
C. signs
D. pidgin
Answer» B. langue

______ is the specific utterance that arises out of language to enable communication and production of meaning.

A. langue
B. parole
C. signification
D. sound
Answer» B. parole

Language is a system of ______

A. langue
B. parole
C. signs
D. symbols
Answer» C. signs

The linguistic sign is an ______ link between a significant and signified.

A. affiliatory
B. arbitrary
C. affective
D. attractive
Answer» B. arbitrary

Language acquires meaning through ______

A. difference
B. destruction
C. arbitrariness
D. change
Answer» A. difference

To which game does Saussure compare language?

A. monopoly
B. chess
C. cards
D. carems
Answer» B. chess

The state or fact of remaining the same under varying aspects or conditions is termed______

A. identity
B. ethnicity
C. sexuality
D. essentiality
Answer» A. identity

Subjectivity is not an essence of the individual; it is an effect of _____

A. nature
B. identity
C. culture
D. individual
Answer» C. culture

In every discourse _______ is inscribed in the way the values of the dominant party controls representation and communication.

A. culture
B. power
C. reality
D. politics
Answer» B. power

Structures of power that determine what is written or said, that is, represented are called _____

A. discourses
B. culture
C. ideologies
D. reality
Answer» A. discourses

The capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices is referred to as ______

A. ability
B. competence
C. agency
D. acceptance
Answer» C. agency

The authors of the work Social Construction of Reality.

A. sapir and whorf
B. berger and luckman
C. halliday and bloomfield
D. marx and engel
Answer» B. berger and luckman

The process whereby every day repeated practices slowly become the norm is called …….

A. habitualisation
B. institutionalization
C. reification
D. personalization
Answer» A. habitualisation

A set of beliefs “every body knows” that aim at making the institutionalized structure believable for the individual is called ______.

A. ideology
B. customs
C. symbolic universes
D. beliefs
Answer» C. symbolic universes

The most widespread group of languages today is ______

A. afro-asiatic
B. dravidian
C. indo-european
D. balto salvonic
Answer» C. indo-european

Name an Orientalist who praised Sanskrit for its wonderful structure.

A. james mill
B. max muller
C. william jones
D. shelly
Answer» C. william jones

“Minute on Education”, formulated by Thomas Babington Macaulay came out in _____.

A. 1857
B. 1845
C. 1835
D. 1850
Answer» C. 1835

The term used by Salman Rushdie for the method of nativising English, making it indigenous.

A. falsification
B. chutnification
C. nativism
D. heteroglossia
Answer» B. chutnification

The discipline of criticism resists colonial culture through the promotion of native culture including language.

A. nativism
B. orientalism
C. ethnicity
D. integration
Answer» A. nativism

The Algerian freedom fighter who demanded the end to the violence on the native languages.

A. albert camus
B. frantz fanon
C. jean amrouche
D. richard mimouni
Answer» B. frantz fanon

In which poem does Derek Walcott subscribe to the idea of bilingualism?

A. “castaway”
B. “names”
C. “a far cry from africa”
D. none of these
Answer» C. “a far cry from africa”

Scientific method involves generating testable

A. hypothesis
B. facts
C. arguments
D. principles
Answer» A. hypothesis

Humanities often employs ______ as an important tool in the production and reproduction of meanings of culture, literature and history.

A. narrative imagination
B. reference
C. comparison
D. imagination
Answer» A. narrative imagination

Philosophy relies on

A. reasoning
B. reasoned arguments
C. experiences
D. argumentation
Answer» B. reasoned arguments

‘What is history’ is written by

A. i.a. richard
B. roland barthes
C. e.h. carr
D. engel
Answer» C. e.h. carr

Art of constructing history is called

A. sociography
B. hermeneutics
C. histriology
D. historiography
Answer» D. historiography

History is a continuous dialogue between the ______ and the ______

A. past and future
B. present and past
C. present and future
D. all the above
Answer» B. present and past

_______ looks for meanings, orientations and value laden interpretation

A. astrology
B. humanities
C. mathematics
D. ontology
Answer» B. humanities

Persons who tried to enrich the methods of humanities were _____ and ____

A. e.h. carr & maxweber
B. h.g. gadmer & wilhem dilthey
C. emile durkhiem & athuser
D. jerome bruner of b.f. skinner
Answer» B. h.g. gadmer & wilhem dilthey

If we strip literature of _____ we would be wiping off the discipline itself.

A. values
B. expression
C. imagination
D. criticism
Answer» A. values

______ considered artistic representation of the real world as an imagination of things.

A. plato
B. aristotle
C. descartes
D. socrates
Answer» A. plato

______ considered literature as a sphere separate from politics or ethics.

A. descartes
B. aristotle
C. plato
D. kant
Answer» B. aristotle

Aristotle stressed on the ______ value of literary texts

A. moral
B. educational
C. aesthetic
D. religious
Answer» C. aesthetic

______ opined that there should be a logical gap between the description.

A. david hume
B. bertrand russel
C. saussure
D. chomsky
Answer» A. david hume

Specific ways of preferred and practiced behaviour in social situation are

A. rules
B. norms
C. habits
D. standard
Answer» B. norms

According to whom ideology plays an active role in social formation.

A. terry eagleton
B. testutt de tracy
C. f. engel
D. louis althusser
Answer» D. louis althusser

‘The Rhetoric of fiction’ was written by

A. vladimir propp
B. wayne c. booth
C. italo calvino
D. plato
Answer» B. wayne c. booth

A narrator who is outside the story is

A. homodiegetic
B. author
C. autodigetic
D. hetrodiegetic
Answer» D. hetrodiegetic

A heterodiegetic narrator narrating the story of other character from the inside of the story is called

A. homodiegetic
B. heterodiegetic – intradiegetic
C. heterodiegetic
D. autodiegetic
Answer» B. heterodiegetic – intradiegetic

______ is an example of multiple narrative

A. sherlock holmes
B. as i lay dying
C. lucky jim
D. none of these
Answer» B. as i lay dying
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