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Retail Management Solved MCQs

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What is not easy to change in Retail Management?

A. promotion
B. location
C. price
D. merchandise mix
Answer» B. location

Which is not the basic reason of the importance of Retail Location?

A. customer convenience
B. competitive advantage
C. cost of investment
D. light and ventilation
Answer» D. light and ventilation

Which products are produced and marketed by companies to many retailers?

A. national brands
B. local brands
C. unbranded
D. commodities
Answer» A. national brands

The layout that has parallel aisles with merchandise on shelves on both sides of the aisles is _______.

A. racetrack
B. standee
C. grid
D. loop
Answer» C. grid

Free standing sites are located at ____________

A. traffic signals at highways
B. high pedestrian traffic area
C. remote locations
D. low pedestrian traffic area
Answer» B. high pedestrian traffic area

Freedom layout indicates that merchandise is arranged ______________.

A. in a symmetrical manner
B. in circles
C. in an asymmetrical manner
D. non to the options
Answer» C. in an asymmetrical manner

How difficult it is to change retail location frequently?

A. extremely difficult
B. not difficult at all
C. absolutely easy
D. some what difficult
Answer» A. extremely difficult

For which retail offering location is very important?

A. mail order
B. party plan
C. departmental store
D. catalogue marketing
Answer» C. departmental store

A retailer’s ______________ is the key to its ability to attract customers.

A. location
B. promotion system
C. pricing system
D. store personnel
Answer» A. location

A store that stocks particular type of merchandise

A. convenience
B. speciality
C. departmental
D. non store
Answer» B. speciality

This is the most preferred mode through which foreign players have entered the Indian market. It is the easiest route to enter the Indian market

A. fii
B. franchising
C. fdi
D. iip
Answer» B. franchising

______________ offers various incentives and rewards to customers on the basis of cumulative purchases from a given provider, be it a store, a service, or a manufacturer

A. point of sales
B. frequent shopper progrmme
C. campaign
D. customer retension
Answer» B. frequent shopper progrmme

The products which enjoy popularity and generte lot of sales in a short span of time and later go out of fashion

A. fad
B. category killers
C. variety
D. assortment
Answer» A. fad

The process by which a retailer attempts to offer the right quantity of the right merchandise in the right place at the right time and meet the company's financial goalsis known as

A. merchandise management
B. procurement
C. distribution
D. sales
Answer» A. merchandise management

This layout is the simplest type of store layout in which fixtures and merchandise are grouped into free-flowing patterns on the sales floor

A. grid
B. free flow
C. spine
D. loop
Answer» B. free flow

The major componenet of solid waste that a retailer generates in the environment

A. branding
B. labelling
C. packaging
D. naming
Answer» C. packaging

This provides the way to gather lead contact informtion, house it, use it for communictaion purposes and run reports on the data researches have collected

A. point of sales
B. customer analytics
C. campaign
D. crm
Answer» B. customer analytics

This involves agreements to fix prices between parties at different levels of the same marketing channel

A. edlp
B. psychological
C. predatory
D. discount
Answer» C. predatory

This display exhibits heavier, bulkier items than racks hold

A. open
B. closesd
C. case
D. ensemble
Answer» C. case

The word Retail is derived from the ------ word.

A. latin
B. french
C. english
D. german
Answer» B. french

Retailer is a person who sells the goods in a---------.

A. large quantities.
B. small quantities.
C. both a & b.
D. none of these.
Answer» B. small quantities.

The main objective of the management is--------.

A. profitability.
B. sales growth.
C. return on investment
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

In retailing there is a direct interaction with-------.

A. producer.
B. customer.
C. wholesaler.
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

Retailing creates-------.

A. time utility.
B. place utility.
C. ownership utility.
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

---------activities performed by the retailers.

A. assortment of offerings.
B. holding stock.
C. extending services.
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.
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