Industrial Relations Solved MCQs


________ can be defined as the relationship between the management and employees of an industry

A. interpersonal relations
B. industrial relations
C. organizational relations
D. employment relations
Answer» B. industrial relations

One of the major reasons for line staff conflict is

A. empathy towards the limitations of each other
B. complete understanding of the business by the staff function
C. prejudice and bias against each other
D. strategic orientation of the staff function
Answer» C. prejudice and bias against each other

_______ is a continuous association of wage earners for the purpose of protecting and advancing the conditions of their working lives

A. management
B. trade union
C. quality circle
D. productivity circle
Answer» B. trade union

The first stage in grievance redressal is handled by the

A. organizational head
B. hr department
C. arbitrator
D. supervisor
Answer» D. supervisor

The method of smoothing out differences to resolve a conflict between two parties in view of larger interests is

A. avoidance
B. accommodation
C. arbitration
D. mediation
Answer» B. accommodation

___ is employee self control which prompts him to willingly cooperate with the organizational standards, rules, objectives etc

A. culture
B. behavior
C. discipline
D. trust
Answer» C. discipline

Corrective action should be immediate, impartial and consistent with a warning- this is called the

A. common disciplinary rule
B. red hot stove rule
C. ciscos disciplinary rule
D. yellow hot stove rule
Answer» B. red hot stove rule

In India, the regulation of employment and conditions of employment are governed by

A. the trade unions act, 1926
B. the industrial disputes act, 1947
C. the factories act, 1948
D. the workmens compensation act, 1923
Answer» C. the factories act, 1948

Human capital is ________.

A. knowledge and experience.
B. personal productivity.
C. personal creativity
D. all the above.
Answer» D. all the above.

Workman’s compensation Act in.

A. 1923
B. 1924
C. 1932
D. 1933
Answer» A. 1923

Industrial relation sense is used in.

A. usa
B. india
C. china
D. japan
Answer» C. china

Ratan got a shock when he was suspended for smoking in the office premises. He says he never knew a puff came with such a heavy tag attached to it. This is an example of

A. negative feedback
B. lack of communication
C. immediate action
D. late intervention
Answer» B. lack of communication

The object of trade union is to.

A. get higher wages
B. to protect labour
C. get higher standard of living.
D. to protect labour & society
Answer» C. get higher standard of living.

Grievances affect the employees

A. promotion
B. training
C. wages
D. morale
Answer» D. morale

Collective bargaining is an action of

A. an individual
B. manager
C. state
D. group
Answer» D. group

What does discipline mean in the context of the workplace?

A. enforcing compliance and order
B. a system of rules designed to improve and correct behaviour through teaching or training
C. punishment
D. exercising control
Answer» B. a system of rules designed to improve and correct behaviour through teaching or training

What could be the best approach for an organization to sustain in a dynamic environment?

A. be stagnant
B. responsive to change
C. reluctant to change.
D. merge with others.
Answer» B. responsive to change

A practice used by companies to assign their costly activities to outside providers is known as:

A. planning.
B. decentralization.
C. restructuring
D. outsourcing
Answer» D. outsourcing

Leaders perform:

A. decisional roles.
B. informal roles.
C. informational roles.
D. interpersonal roles
Answer» A. decisional roles.

Organizations take inputs from:

A. rules & policies.
B. internal environment
C. external environment
D. legislations & litigations.
Answer» A. rules & policies.

Brain drain is one of the:

A. organizational threat.
B. organizational opportunity.
C. organizational strength
D. organizational weakness.
Answer» A. organizational threat.

Shifting from manual to computerized system is resulted due to:

A. workforce diversity.
B. technological advancement
C. stake holders involvement
D. globalization.
Answer» B. technological advancement

. Reactive approach to overcome the influence of discriminatory practices occurred in the past is referred as:

A. equal employment opportunity.
B. affirmative action
C. hr planning
D. litigation process
Answer» B. affirmative action

Organizations put maximum effort in measuring performance of organizational people because:

A. it makes procedures cost effective.
B. it helps in detecting the problems
C. it leads to product innovation
D. it assists in implementing new technology
Answer» B. it helps in detecting the problems

In order to promote unbiased management, organizations should develop:

A. powerful union.
B. strategic alliance
C. legal compliance.
D. stakeholder influence.
Answer» C. legal compliance.
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