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chapter:   Major Issues and Challenges to Indian Polity Casteism, Communalism, Regionalism. Local Self Governme

276. Article 243D provides that seats are to be reserved for

a. Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribe

B. Retired Army

c. War veteran

277. 73rd Amendment Act,1992 exempted the following whole state of NE India

a. Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram

B. Tripura only

c. Assam only

278. What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayati raj system called?

a. Gram Sabha

B. Zila Parishad

c. Panchayat Samiti

279. The three tier system of Panchayats

a. Uniformly applicable to all state

B. Need not be strictly followed in states with population below 20 lakh

c. Has been replaced with four tier system

280. Who is to conduct the election to the Panchayat and Municipalities?

a. State Election Commission

B. Central Government

c. State Government

281. The main source of income to Panchayati raj institution is

a. Regional Fund

B. Service tax

c. Government grant

282. A person to be qualified for contesting in a Panchayat election must have been attained

a. 18 years

B. 21 years

c. 35 years

283. The election to Panchayat are to be held

a. Every five years

B. Every three years

c. Every four years

284. Functions to be assigned to Panchayats by 73rd amendment of the constitution are mentioned in

a. 10th Schedule

B. 11th Schedule

c. 12th Schedule

285. Functions to be assigned to Municipalities by 74th amendment of the constitution are mentioned in

a. 11th Schedule

B. 10th Schedule

c. 12th Schedule

286. Which of the following committee recommended for according constitutional provision ofPanchayati raj?

a. LM Shingvi Committee

B. Rao Committee

c. Asok Mehta Committee

287. In 1977, under whose chairmanship, the Panchayati raj committee was formed

a. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee

B. Ashok Mehta Committee

c. Madhu Committee

288. Who is the Father of Modern India Local Self Government

a. Sir Stafford Cripps

B. Lord Mounbatten

c. Lord Rippon

289. Who was the first state to establish the institution of Panchayati raj Institution?

a. Rajasthan

B. Maharastra

c. Karnataka

290. 73rd Amendment Act of 1992 gives Panchayati Raj Institution to

a. Subject to state ratification

B. Constitutional status

c. Ordinary law

291. LM Shingvi Committee was appointed in

a. 1996

B. 1976

c. 1986

292. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee was appointed in

a. 1957

B. 1979

c. 1986

293. The system of urban local government was constitutionalized through

a. 73rd Amendment

B. 74th Amendment

c. 72nd Amendment

294. 74th Amendment Act,1992 has added a new

a. Part X

B. Part XII

c. Part IX-A

295. The provision of Part IX of the Constitution relating to Panchayat are not applicable to

a. Fifth Schedule Areas

B. Sixth Schedule Ares

c. Seventh Schedule Ares

296. Panchayat Extension to the Scheduled Areas (PESA) Act was passed in

a. 1998

B. 1996

c. 1995

297. Municipal Corporation is for

a. Town area

B. Small urban area

c. A larger urban area


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