170+ Cases in Marketing Solved MCQs


Store security relates to ----.

A. personal security
B. merchandise security.
C. both a & b.
D. none of these.
Answer» C. both a & b.

Form of payment which a retailer may accept is ----.

A. cash only.
B. cash &credit cards .
C. cash &debit cards.
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Many retailers have improved their operation productivity through -----.

A. computerization.
B. outsourcing.
C. both a & b.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. computerization.

The computerized check out is used by -----.

A. large retailers.
B. small retailers.
C. multi retailers
D. all of these.
Answer» A. large retailers.

With the help of-------a retailer pays an outsider party to undertake one or more of its operating functions

A. outsourcing.
B. credit management
C. computerization.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. outsourcing.

------ helps the retailers to face the crisis situations.

A. risk management.
B. credit management.
C. financial management.
D. all of these
Answer» A. risk management.

------ is a key task for both large &small retailers.

A. risk management.
B. crisis management.
C. inventory management
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

----- helps the retailers to complete the tasks within the short period of time.

A. computerization.
B. outsourcing.
C. both 1 & 2.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. computerization.

---------is a warning to potential thieves and muggers.

A. insurance.
B. security guards.
C. outsourcing.
D. credit management .
Answer» B. security guards.

Insurance against--------is more important due to government rules.

A. environmental risk.
B. production risk.
C. both 1 & 2
D. none of these
Answer» A. environmental risk.

The factor leading to the growth of retailing is ----.

A. changing consumer trends
B. technology.
C. demographics.
D. all the above.
Answer» D. all the above.

Consumer buying process in retailing involves ----.

A. need recognition.
B. search for information.
C. evaluation of retailers.
D. all the above.
Answer» D. all the above.

Atmosphere in retailing refers to ----.

A. the weather outside a store.
B. the ambience, music, color scent in a store.
C. assortment of products in the store.
D. display of items in a store.
Answer» B. the ambience, music, color scent in a store.

E-tailing refers to ----.

A. sale of electronic items in a store.
B. catalog shopping.
C. music store.
D. retailing shopping using the inter.
Answer» D. retailing shopping using the inter.

A multi channel retailer sells merchandise ----.

A. over the telephone
B. through personal selling and retail store only.
C. over the internet .
D. through more than one channel.
Answer» D. through more than one channel.

Retailing is a marketing function which ----.

A. sells products to other business.
B. sells products to a company that resells them.
C. sells products to final consumers.
D. sells products for ones own use
Answer» C. sells products to final consumers.

The correct statement about chain stores is ----.

A. they offer economic of scale in buying.
B. they can hire good managers.
C. they integrate wholesaling and retailing function.
D. they centralize function.
Answer» D. they centralize function.

________is a departments within a company that is responsible for producing some or all of that company's marketing communication.

A. full-service agency.
B. in-house agency.
C. marketing agency.
D. pr agency.
Answer» A. full-service agency.

_________manage a company's brand and product line.

A. brand assistants.
B. brand executives.
C. brand managers.
D. brand associate.
Answer» C. brand managers.

Who develop the verbal brand message?

A. designers.
B. directors.
C. copy writers
D. creative directors.
Answer» C. copy writers

Who controls the flow of work through the approval and production process?

A. traffic manager.
B. media manager.
C. free lancer.
D. creative director.
Answer» A. traffic manager.

Who oversee the logistics and cost of producing radio and tv commercials?

A. directors.
B. producers.
C. . actors.
D. editors.
Answer» B. producers.

A special magazine advertising section in which ads are interpersed with related editorial material foussing on a single theme is known as

A. advertorial
B. editorial
C. campaign
D. billboard
Answer» A. advertorial

________helps to improve the understanding of consumers and to identify the most appropriate audiences or clients marketing communication messages.

A. media.
B. research.
C. ads.
D. marketing.
Answer» B. research.

A message schedule that combines the steady pattern of continuity with intermittent periods of intense advertising activity is called

A. flighting
B. pulsing
C. puffery .
D. morphing.
Answer» A. flighting

Institutional and ideas advertising are designed to create a favorable ___________and acceptability.

A. demand
B. attitude
C. awareness
D. opinion
Answer» B. attitude

________ forms counsel companies about public opinion and has to manage their relationship with various stakeholders

A. marketing.
B. advertising.
C. pr.
D. creative.
Answer» C. pr.

___________firms offer graphic design services for all brands and for all media forms.

A. call center.
B. design studios.
C. production houses.
D. internet companies.
Answer» B. design studios.

___________ is a container and conveyor of information.

A. packaging.
B. personal selling.
C. publicity.
D. sales promotion.
Answer» A. packaging.

________firms specialize in e-commerce and interactive media.

A. pr.
B. marketing.
C. internet.
D. ad.
Answer» C. internet.

_________firm valuates marketing communication idea and tests their effectiveness.

A. pr.
B. research.
C. internet.
D. advertise.
Answer» B. research.

B2B is _________.

A. business to business.
B. brand to business.
C. business to brand.
D. brand to brand.
Answer» A. business to business.

B2C is __________.

A. brand to consumers.
B. business to consumers.
C. brand to compete.
D. brand to customers.
Answer» B. business to consumers.

Handwritten posters in the sixteenth and seventeenth century which are considered to be forerunners of advertising are known as

A. billboards
B. siquis.
C. posters
D. pamphlets
Answer» B. siquis.

GE is ___________.

A. geo effect.
B. general electric.
C. general effect.
D. geo energy.
Answer» B. general electric.

_____________________is defined as a communication that aims at raising money from primary or secondary markets.

A. advocacy advertising
B. generic advertising
C. financial advertising
D. surrogate advertising
Answer» C. financial advertising

. ________ is a series of interaction between customers and a company over a time.

A. customer service.
B. client service.
C. customer relationship.
D. client relationship.
Answer» C. customer relationship.

__________are distinctive graphic designs used to communicate a product, company, or organization identity.

A. captions.
B. copy.
C. logos.
D. design.
Answer» C. logos.

________is the process of creating a brand image that engages the heart and minds of customers.

A. planning.
B. branding.
C. promoting.
D. selling.
Answer» B. branding.

____________are advantages that allow a product to satisfy customers needs wants or desires.

A. benefits.
B. prices.
C. brands.
D. offers.
Answer» A. benefits.

___________ is a visualization technique that indicates how customers perceive competing brands.

A. repositioning.
B. perceptual mapping.
C. brand identification.
D. brand positioning.
Answer» B. perceptual mapping.

The literal meaning of trademark is ___________.

A. matter of a trade.
B. mark of a trade.
C. master of trade.
D. minister of trade.
Answer» B. mark of a trade.

___________is the degree of attachment that customers have to a brand as expressed by repeat purchases.

A. brand community.
B. brand loyalty.
C. brand image.
D. brand identity.
Answer» B. brand loyalty.

___________is the collections of customers who own the same brand ad enjoy talking to each other, sharing and solving brand related problems.

A. brand community.
B. community network.
C. social network.
D. brand network.
Answer» A. brand community.

__________ is the application of an established brand name to new product offerings.

A. brand extension.
B. brand image.
C. brand identity.
D. brand community.
Answer» A. brand extension.

Surrogate advertising refers to the strategy used by companies and advertisers to promote a product________________

A. clandestinely
B. directly
C. ethically
D. favorably
Answer» A. clandestinely

________is two way communication that sends and receives messages from customers and other

A. hyper activity
B. interactivity
C. interoperability
D. dialogue
Answer» B. interactivity

_______ is a clever phrase that serves as a reminder of a brand, company image, or campaign theme.

A. caption
B. body copy
C. display copy
D. slogan
Answer» D. slogan

_________ is copy in a type size larger than that of the body copy and meant to entice readers into reading the body copy.

A. body copy.
B. display copy.
C. caption.
D. headline.
Answer» B. display copy.

___________ are verbal explanations of visuals.

A. captions
B. call-outs
C. tag-line
D. signature
Answer» A. captions

________ is also called as logo.

A. signature.
B. tagline.
C. captions.
D. design.
Answer» A. signature.

__________ is short songs that deliver a brand story in an easy-to-sing format.

A. melody.
B. jingles.
C. rap.
D. jazz.
Answer» B. jingles.

. _______ is a series of key visuals and accomplishing dialogue that explains a TV commercial.

A. video script.
B. audio script.
C. story board.
D. frames.
Answer» C. story board.

________ contains the published rates and ad space availability for a particular media such as a web site.

A. rate card.
B. data card.
C. guarantee card.
D. privilege card.
Answer» A. rate card.

Dividing the market based on age, income, gender, educational qualification is known as

A. branding
B. demography.
C. targetting
D. positioning
Answer» B. demography.

Legend is another name for

A. caption.
B. slogan
C. title
D. logo.
Answer» A. caption.

_______ is copy strip added over a poster advertisement.

A. snipe.
B. split.
C. by-line.
D. caption.
Answer» A. snipe.

_________ is two or more oversize pages that fold out from the magazine.

A. gate-folds.
B. pop-ups.
C. pop-unders.
D. strips.
Answer» A. gate-folds.

________ is the ads that bound into the magazine that are printed on heavier paper than the rest of the magazine.

A. gate-folds.
B. pop-ups.
C. tip-ins.
D. strips.
Answer» C. tip-ins.

_______ is the esteem that a company or brand has in the eyes of its stakeholders.

A. respect.
B. reputation.
C. award.
D. brand.
Answer» B. reputation.

Generic advertising, also known as _______________demand advertising.

A. secondary
B. primary
C. tertiary
D. exclusive
Answer» B. primary

Any printed material sent through the mail directly to prospective customers is known as________.

A. direct mail advertising.
B. online advertising.
C. web advertising.
D. attachments.
Answer» A. direct mail advertising.

The blank space between margins of facing pages of a publication is ______.

A. folds.
B. gutter.
C. splits.
D. inches.
Answer» B. gutter.

Head & Shoulders is a power brand from _________.

A. p&g.
B. unilever.
C. johnson & johnson.
D. cavinkare.
Answer» A. p&g.

What is AIDA?

A. advertisement, interest, demand, acquire.
B. action, interest, desire, attention.
C. attraction, interest, desire, attention.
D. attention, interest, desire, action.
Answer» D. attention, interest, desire, action.

A black and white photographic print of the final artwork used to replicate the advertisement is called _____________.

A. artwork.
B. copy.
C. layout.
D. bromide.
Answer» D. bromide.

Which of the following is NOT a requirement for setting advertising objectives?

A. objectives must specify the amount of change.
B. objectives must be realistic.
C. objectives must be stated in terms of profits.
D. objectives must be clear and in writing.
Answer» C. objectives must be stated in terms of profits.

____________ is an array of reach according to the level of frequency delivered to each group.

A. frequency period
B. frequency distribution
C. frequency channel
D. frequency time
Answer» B. frequency distribution

______________ is a regular program sponsored by only one advertiser.

A. program sponsorship.
B. franchise.
C. half program.
D. full program sponsorship.
Answer» D. full program sponsorship.

____________ is a period of time during which there is no advertising activity.

A. down link.
B. duplication.
C. hiatus.
D. imprint.
Answer» C. hiatus.

____________ is an extended degree of consumer awareness of an advertisement within a specific media.

A. impact.
B. alternate.
C. choice.
D. impression.
Answer» A. impact.

PACT principles of advertising was given by

A. david ogilvy
B. russel.h. colley
C. roosser reeves
D. j walter thompson
Answer» B. russel.h. colley

The creative point in advertising where the search for a "big idea " takes pace is known as

A. ideation
B. conceptualisation.
C. visualisation
D. promotion
Answer» C. visualisation

____________ is a reduction from regular rates when advertising contracts to use quantities of advertising.

A. discount.
B. allowance.
C. valuation.
D. correction.
Answer» A. discount.

____________ is used in outdoor advertising to refer to the number of billboards used in one display.

A. depth.
B. facing.
C. changing.
D. exposure.
Answer» B. facing.

_____________ is the measurements which are based on respondents who either say with assurance that they have looked into a given magazine.

A. exposure.
B. lights.
C. depth of field.
D. focus.
Answer» A. exposure.

Drawings of a series of sequential frames to indicate the conception of a television commercial is known as

A. sequences
B. story board
C. frames
D. copy
Answer» B. story board

Core brand values should be predictable via________.

A. consistent messages.
B. conservative messages.
C. contradictory messages.
D. conflicting messages.
Answer» A. consistent messages.

The first printed advertisements were single sheets, printed on one side, that nowadays would be called_________.

A. barrages.
B. fliers.
C. flights.
D. brochures.
Answer» B. fliers.

Infomercials often look like other types of television shows, including ________.

A. news shows.
B. live, audience-participation shows.
C. reality shows.
D. talk shows.
Answer» A. news shows.

Create services are two pronged, and involve copywriting and ____________

A. account planning
B. branding
C. media planning
D. graphics
Answer» D. graphics

Lintas and Mudra communications, started as ______________of Hindustan Unilever Ltd., and Reliance, respectively.

A. full service
B. house agencies
C. a la carte agencies
D. medium agency
Answer» B. house agencies

Which of the following are agency personnel who undertake investigate to support a campaign?

A. research manager.
B. account manager.
C. media director.
D. account planner.
Answer» C. media director.

Television advertising that include a telephone numeral for ordering is an example of__________.

A. direct-response advertising.
B. telemarketing.
C. straight mail.
D. teleconference.
Answer» A. direct-response advertising.

Positioning is a concept given by

A. al ries and jack trout
B. rooser reeves
C. alex osborn
D. abraham maslow
Answer» A. al ries and jack trout

Placement of advertisements inside or outside transportation vehicles is known as

A. aerial advertising
B. transit advertising.
C. speciality advertising
D. place based advertising.
Answer» B. transit advertising.

_______________ the number of people or households who are exposed to a medium.

A. audience
B. television
C. news
D. radio
Answer» A. audience

The total net audience exposed to prepared periodical, outdoor, television or radio advertising is _____________.

A. space accumulation.
B. agency accumulation.
C. audience accumulation.
D. audience composition.
Answer» C. audience accumulation.

The effectiveness of advertising is improved through ________________.

A. ad tracking.
B. marketing research.
C. advertising research.
D. copy testing.
Answer» C. advertising research.

The practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisement is known as _______________.

A. culture jamming.
B. ad busters.
C. political advertising.
D. subvert sing.
Answer» D. subvert sing.

Account planning is a much tasked about, much hyped function is also referred to as the______________

A. boutique function
B. prime function
C. ghost function
D. non-prime function
Answer» C. ghost function

An agency can also handle overall advertising and ________ strategy and sales promotions for its customers.

A. brand management.
B. brand.
C. product placement.
D. advertising.
Answer» A. brand management.

Mixing continuity and flighting strategies in media scheduling is known as

A. pulsing
B. reach
C. pushing
D. flighting
Answer» A. pulsing

Typical ad agency clients contain businesses and ________, non-profit organization and government agency.

A. corporate law.
B. company.
C. companies law.
D. corporation.
Answer» D. corporation.

________ agencies specialize in endorsement of brands in the various social
media platforms like blogs, social network sites, Q&A sites, discussion forums,
micro blogs etc.

A. social media.
B. user-generated contented.
C. friend feed.
D. social network service.
Answer» A. social media.

Palmer opened the first American advertising agency, in ________ in 1850.

A. pennsylvania
B. philadelphia
C. allentown, pennsylvania
D. pittsburgh
Answer» B. philadelphia

Some television stations chose to air infomercials as an alternative to the previous perform of ________.

A. sign-off.
B. sign-on.
C. itv1.
D. itv.
Answer» A. sign-off.

Sponsorship belongs as the promotional tool to

A. business marketing.
B. marketing.
C. marketing management.
D. advertising.
Answer» B. marketing.

An out of home medium that includes posters, on vehicles is known as

A. transit advertising
B. trade advertising
C. publicity
D. professional advertising
Answer» A. transit advertising

An increased schedule of advertising above normal levels during peak selling periods is known as

A. pulse
B. pitch
C. blink
D. bleed
Answer» A. pulse
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