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1. Which among the following is a Pull Strategy?

a. trade promotion

B. consumer promotion

c. sales force promotion

d. none of these

2. If a company gives false message to the customers, it is known as

a. obscene ads

B. subliminal ads

c. deception

d. none of these

3. The plan that show time, date and frequency of an advertisement is

a. media plan

B. media schedule

c. media time

d. media space

4. Point of Purchase Ads are also known as

a. in-store advertising

B. b) built-in advertising

c. c) green advertising

d. d) stock advertising

5. Which among the following is not a mechanical test?

a. psychogalvanometer

B. b) techistoscope

c. camera test

d. consumer dairy test

6. Which of the following is more of personal medium of advertisement?

a. internet advertisement

B. b) broadcast media

c. direct mail advertising

d. print media

7. If a company wants to build a good “corporate image,” it will probablyuse whichofthe following marketing communications mix tools?

a. advertising

B. public relations

c. direct marketing

d. sales promotion

8. A is a promotion strategy that calls for using the sales force and tradepromotion to move the product through channels.

a. push strategy

B. pull strategy

c. blocking strategy

d. integrated strategy

9. ________is a departments within a company that is responsible for producingsome or all of that company's marketing communication.

a. full-service agency.

B. in-house agency.

c. marketing agency.

d. pr agency.

10. _________manage a company's brand and product line.

a. brand assistants.

B. brand executives.

c. brand managers.

d. brand associate.

11. Who develop the verbal brand message?

a. designers.

B. directors.

c. copy writers

d. creative directors.

12. Who controls the flow of work through the approval and production process?

a. traffic manager.

B. media manager.

c. free lancer.

d. creative director.

13. Who oversee the logistics and cost of producing radio and tv commercials?

a. directors.

B. producers.

c. . actors.

d. editors.

14. A special magazine advertising section in which ads are interpersed withrelated editorial material foussing on a single theme is known as

a. advertorial

B. editorial

c. campaign

d. billboard

15. ________helps to improve the understanding of consumers and to identify themost appropriate audiences or clients marketing communication messages.

a. media.

B. research.

c. ads.

d. marketing.

16. A message schedule that combines the steady pattern of continuity withintermittent periods of intense advertising activity is called

a. flighting

B. pulsing

c. puffery .

d. morphing.

17. Institutional and ideas advertising are designed to create a favorable___________and acceptability.

a. demand

B. attitude

c. awareness

d. opinion

18. ________ forms counsel companies about public opinion and has to managetheir relationship with various stakeholders

a. marketing.

B. advertising.

c. pr.

d. creative.

19. ___________firms offer graphic design services for all brands and for allmedia forms.

a. call center.

B. design studios.

c. production houses.

d. internet companies.

20. ___________ is a container and conveyor of information.

a. packaging.

B. personal selling.

c. publicity.

d. sales promotion.

21. ________firms specialize in e-commerce and interactive media.

a. pr.

B. marketing.

c. internet.

d. ad.

22. _________firm valuates marketing communication idea and tests theireffectiveness.

a. pr.

B. research.

c. internet.

d. advertise.

23. B2B is _________.

a. business to business.

B. brand to business.

c. business to brand.

d. brand to brand.

24. B2C is __________.

a. brand to consumers.

B. business to consumers.

c. brand to compete.

d. brand to customers.

25. Handwritten posters in the sixteenth and seventeenth century which areconsidered to be forerunners of advertising are known as

a. billboards

B. siquis.

c. posters

d. pamphlets


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