170+ Human Resource Management Principles and Functions Solved MCQs


Sources of recruitment & methods, procedures, techniques for ______________

A. selection.
B. promotion.
C. transfer.
D. training.
Answer» A. selection.

A ______________ takes place when an employee moves to a position higher than the one formerly occupied.

A. transfer
B. demotion.
C. punishment.
D. promotion
Answer» D. promotion

The anxiety a person experiences when two sets of knowledge are contradictory or incongruent lead to ______________.

A. cognitive dissonance
B. negative attitude.
C. stress.
D. perception disorder.
Answer» A. cognitive dissonance

Failure to report work is called ______________.

A. lack of commitment.
B. absenteeism.
C. burnout
D. immoral activity.
Answer» B. absenteeism.

Rotation is otherwise called as ______________.

A. replacement transfer
B. shift transfer
C. versatility transfer
D. remedial transfer
Answer» C. versatility transfer

Movement of an employee from one job to another

A. job enlargement
B. retrenchment
C. job rotation
D. job design
Answer» C. job rotation

Non-financial motivator is ______________.

A. bonus
B. job security
C. medical reimbursement
D. leave with pay
Answer» A. bonus

Method of copying someone else's behaviour ______________

A. education
B. training
C. mentoring
D. modelling
Answer» D. modelling

______________ are the rules of pattern and behaviour that are expected from all team members.

A. norms.
B. policies.
C. procedures.
D. role
Answer» A. norms.

Set of proposals and actions for managers dealing with the employees ______________

A. personnel policies
B. personnel procedure
C. personnel duties
D. personnel roles
Answer» A. personnel policies

Apart from pay what is the second most common reason for an employee to join a trade union?

A. group solidarity
B. friendship groups
C. political reasons
D. wide range of personal benefits.
Answer» D. wide range of personal benefits.

Employees hired for limited time to a specific job ______________

A. permanent employees
B. temporary employees
C. contract employees
D. employee hiring
Answer» B. temporary employees

A written statement of what the job holder does ______________

A. job description
B. job cycle
C. job seeking
D. job sharing
Answer» A. job description

psyche means ______________.

A. biology.
B. spirit.
C. behaviour.
D. attitude.
Answer» B. spirit.

Flexitime work system is a ______________ system.

A. operational
B. logical
C. functional
D. scheduling
Answer» D. scheduling

Job analysis is the outcome of Job description and ______________.

A. job design
B. job specification
C. job evaluation
D. job content
Answer» B. job specification

A human relation seeks to emphasis employee aspects of work rather than ______________

A. technical aspects
B. economic aspects.
C. technical or economic aspects.
D. workers aspects.
Answer» C. technical or economic aspects.

______________ training seeks to adjust newly appointed employees to the work environment.

A. production
B. induction
C. safety
D. refresher
Answer» B. induction

Employees general attitude is referred to as ______________.

A. job satisfaction
B. job analysis
C. job description.
D. job evaluation.
Answer» A. job satisfaction

Education brought the changes in the attitude of labour towards their______________.

A. work.
B. interest.
C. labour.
D. job.
Answer» A. work.

An organization may choose to do all of the following to motivate a plateaued worker, except ______________

A. lateral moves
B. promotion
C. temporary assignments
D. committee assignments
Answer» B. promotion

The process by which older members of a society transmit to younger members the social skilled is termed as ______________.

A. literature.
B. norms
C. values.
D. socialization.
Answer» D. socialization.

The process of identifying human resource needs and formulating plans to meet these needs

A. hr planning
B. man power planning
C. it planning
D. production planning
Answer» A. hr planning

Job satisfaction is high when there is ______________

A. low morale
B. high wage.
C. low wage
D. high morale.
Answer» D. high morale.

PAQ stands for ______________

A. position alteration quotient
B. position analysis questionnaire
C. position activity question
D. program analytical questionnaire
Answer» B. position analysis questionnaire

Activities that prepare employee for future responsibility ______________

A. inducement
B. development
C. education
D. motivation
Answer» B. development

It is the tendency of a superior to rate people lower than their performance ______________

A. horns effect.
B. central tendency
C. halo effect
D. static.
Answer» C. halo effect

What did the whitely councils establish?

A. tripartite employee relations
B. collective bargaining framework
C. trade union
D. employer associations.
Answer» A. tripartite employee relations

Audit done by employees within is

A. external
B. internal
C. inter branch
D. inter units
Answer» B. internal

Prohibiting an employee from attending work ______________

A. suspension
B. dismissal
C. exit
D. retrenchment
Answer» A. suspension

A test which measures employees honesty ______________

A. simulator tests
B. integrity tests
C. polygraph tests
D. graph tests
Answer» B. integrity tests

______________ is a discontent or dissatisfaction.

A. punishment
B. grievance
C. discipline
D. suspension
Answer» B. grievance

Job specification is otherwise called as ______________ specification.

A. position
B. role
C. content
D. physical
Answer» A. position

deals with the contents & characteristics of each job?

A. job analysis
B. job rating.
C. job evaluation.
D. job description.
Answer» A. job analysis

Problems of unemployment & wage fixation had their direct link with the

A. population
B. value of labour
C. attitude of management.
D. co-ordination.
Answer» A. population

The downward movement of employee in organizational hierarchy with lower pay status responsibilities means ______________.

A. demotion.
B. job change
C. promotion.
D. transfer
Answer» A. demotion.

Authority being conferred based on technical knowledge or skill of ______________.

A. technical power
B. competence authority.
C. machiavellianism
D. power distribution.
Answer» B. competence authority.

A situation that occurs when it is unclear or uncertain what behaviour is expected of role occupants ______________

A. role conflict
B. role ambiquity.
C. role analysis
D. role overload.
Answer» B. role ambiquity.

Psychology oriented factor of production is ______________.

A. land.
B. finance.
C. machine
D. labour.
Answer» D. labour.

Direct compensation towards the contribution of labour is ______________.

A. money
B. pay
C. reward
D. wagers
Answer» A. money

Collective bargaining is an action of ______________.

A. an individual
B. manager
C. state
D. group
Answer» D. group

Training received directly on the job ______________

A. job instruction training
B. job intimation
C. job application
D. job intelligence training
Answer» A. job instruction training

Systematic method of determining value / worth of a job

A. job description
B. job design
C. job evaluation
D. job simplification
Answer» C. job evaluation

More difficult jobs are paid more are ensured by

A. internal equity
B. external equity
C. equity
D. factor
Answer» A. internal equity

The skills available within the company ______________

A. human resource inventory
B. human planning inventory
C. manpower inventory
D. employee inventory
Answer» A. human resource inventory

Method of predicting organisation future demand for employees ______________

A. hr forecast
B. labour forecast
C. manpower forecast
D. job forecast
Answer» A. hr forecast

A collection of several tasks in sequence ______________

A. group
B. duty
C. position
D. sharing
Answer» B. duty

The systems model of training contains three phases ______________,

A. preparation
B. assessment.
C. introduction
D. organizing
Answer» B. assessment.

The test which measures individual potential to learn is ______________

A. aptitude tests
B. attitude tests
C. personality tests
D. intelligence tests
Answer» A. aptitude tests

Amount of remuneration received during a period is ______________

A. wages
B. earnings
C. minimum wage
D. wage structure
Answer» B. earnings

______________ implies jobs of a similar nature.

A. job family
B. job status
C. job enrichment
D. job design
Answer» A. job family

Majority of the grievances in industries is related to the problem of ______________.

A. wages
B. salaries
C. benefits
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

Training helps to improve and give higher ______________.

A. productivity
B. mobility
C. viability
D. vitality
Answer» A. productivity

Voluntary retirement is also known as ______________

A. silver hand shake
B. golden hand shake
C. diamond hand shake
D. crystal hand shake
Answer» C. diamond hand shake

Industrial revolution played an important role in the development of ______________

A. industries.
B. production.
C. sales.
D. finished goods.
Answer» A. industries.

The modern term for personnel management is ______________

A. hrd.
B. hrp.
C. hrm.
D. hsm.
Answer» C. hrm.

The degree of attachment of the members to their group is known as ______________

A. group cohesiveness
B. group conformity
C. group attachment
D. group loyalty.
Answer» A. group cohesiveness

A statement containing the details of works to be performed & responsibilities involved is known as ______________.

A. job analysis
B. job evaluation
C. job specification
D. job description
Answer» A. job analysis

______________ Test is a mental ability test

A. intelligence
B. aptitude
C. personality
D. interest
Answer» A. intelligence

______________ is the ideal or target to achieve through higher productivity

A. fair wages
B. minimum wages
C. living wages
D. normal wages
Answer» D. normal wages

Method of job evaluation which ranks the employees from highest to the lowest levels ______________

A. ranking method
B. scoring method
C. analytical method
D. average method
Answer» A. ranking method

The employment contract provides a set of rights, responsibilities and obligations that structure the behavior of whom?

A. both parties
B. the employee.
C. the employer
D. trade unions
Answer» A. both parties

Enriching jobs create

A. halo effect
B. snowball effect
C. negative effect
D. positive effect
Answer» B. snowball effect

timescale for performance appraisals are usuall ______________:

A. one year.
B. biannually.
C. 3 monthly.
D. at irregular intervals.
Answer» A. one year.

______________ indicates type of people required.

A. training plan
B. recruitment plan
C. retention plan
D. deployment plan
Answer» B. recruitment plan

______________ interview in which the candidate is allowed to speak his mind freely.

A. non directed
B. structured
C. formal
D. depth
Answer» A. non directed

Industrial relation include ______________.

A. labour relation.
B. public relation.
C. customer relation.
D. labour, customer & public relation.
Answer» B. public relation.

what creates an advancement with an organization?

A. demotion.
B. promotion.
C. transfer.
D. redemote.
Answer» B. promotion.

Identify the retirement benefit form the following?

A. wages
B. bonus.
C. incentive.
D. gratuity
Answer» D. gratuity

The origin of personnel management was an outcome of

A. welfare workers
B. legislation relating factory reform
C. the govt. notification
D. the work of 19th century social reformers and employee
Answer» A. welfare workers

______________ is prepared on the basis of job description

A. job specification
B. job description
C. both \a\ and \b\
D. none of these
Answer» A. job specification

Experience, education, skills and knowledge are the main components of ______________, which need to be specified

A. job specification
B. job analysis
C. job description
D. none of these
Answer» A. job specification

Total training cost include

A. participants on going salaries
B. overheads during training
C. cost of r & d in training needs analysis
D. all of above
Answer» D. all of above

______________ are usually provided to reduce the no:of accidents

A. safety training
B. precaution training
C. training for improvement
D. none of above
Answer» A. safety training
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