Topic-wise solved MCQs for:
Bachelor of Arts in History (BA History)

1. An Introduction to Political Science

2. Contemporary Kerala

3. Early India- State to Empire

4. Early Societies in India

5. Formation of Kerala, Society and Culture

6. Gender Studies

7. History of Contemporary India

8. History of Early India

9. History of Human Rights

10. History of Human Rights Movements

11. History of Journalism in India

12. History of Medieval India

13. History of Modern Kerala

14. History of the Early World

15. History of the Medieval World

16. History of the Modern India

17. History of the Modern World

18. Indian Constitution and Politics

19. Indian Constitution And Politics 1

20. Indian Constitution And Politics 2

21. Indian Epigraphy

22. Indian History 1

23. Indian History 2

24. Indian Numismatics

25. Informatics

26. Informatics and History

27. Intellectual History of the World

28. Introduction to Political Science and Governmental Structures and Processes

29. Introductory Economics 1

30. Introductory Economics 2

31. Kerala Society and Culture- Ancient and Medieval

32. Major Trends in Historical Thought and Writing

33. Making of Indian Nation

34. Making of Modern Kerala

35. Medieval India- Society, Culture, Religion

36. Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences

37. Methodology of Historical Writing

38. Methodology of History

39. Modern World History From AD 1500 2

40. Modern World in Transition

41. NEO-Colonialism

42. Principles and Methods of Archaeology

43. Situating Independent India

44. Stratified Societies- Medieval World

45. Trends in Historiography

46. Trends in Indian Historiography

47. Understanding the Past

48. Urban Societies in Ancient World

49. World History 1

50. World History 2

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