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chapter:   Introduction to Management and Organizations

1. Henry Fayol, F.W.Taylor belongs to which of the following school of management?

a. Neoclassical School

B. Modern School

c. Classical School

d. Early Perspective

2. …………………….. involves a series of steps to be taken to accomplish desired goals.

a. Values

B. Techniques

c. Programmes

d. Actions

3. While practicing principles of management ………………………….. cannot be neglected as business have to fulfill social and ethical responsibility towards society.

a. Values

B. Techniques

c. Programmes

d. Actions

4. Derivation of Principles of Management is a matter of (i)………………… and their application is a matter of (ii)…………………….

a. (i) art (ii) science

B. (i) science (ii) art

c. (i) art (ii) discipline

d. (i) discipline (ii) science

5. “ Principles help managers to take decisions while performing functions of management”

a. True, Principles are guidelines to take actions.

B. False, Functions of management are not related with Principles of Management

c. Partly True, Principles denotes cause and effect relationship which may help functions

d. False, Functions of management are just actions.

6. Principles of division of work is applicable to a government office where there is a diary/dispatch clerk whose job is to receive and send mail, a data entry operator whose task is to input data on the computer. Division of work is also applicable to limited company where there are separate departments like productions, finance, research and development etc. Which quality of Principles of management is highlighted above?

a. General Guidelines

B. Universal applicability

c. Flexible

d. Contigent

7. The degree of concentration of authority or its dispersal depend upon the situation and circumstances of each enterprise. Principles give enough discretion to manger to adjust according to situation. Which Quality of Principles of management is highlighted above?

a. General Guidelines

B. Universal applicability

c. Flexible

d. Contingent

8. Principles of management do not provide readymade solution to any problem but in dealing with a situation of conflict between two departments, a manager may emphasize the primacy of the organisational goal. Which Quality of Principles of management is highlighted above?

a. General Guidelines

B. Universal applicability

c. Flexible D.

d. Contingent

9. Employees deserve fair and just renumeration but what is just, and fair is determined by multiple factors. They include contribution of the employee, Paying capacity of the employer and prevailing wage rate for the occupation under consideration. Which quality of Principles of Management is highlighted above?

a. General Guidelines

B. Universal applicability

c. Flexible

d. Contingent

10. Management Principles increase managerial efficiency as manager leave routine decision making to his subordinates and deal with expectional situations which require his expertise by following the Principles of delegation. Which Does the above case signify about management?

a. Meeting changing environment requirements

B. Providing mangers with useful insights into reality

c. Fulfilling social responsibility

d. Management training, education and research

11. Which of following statement justifies understanding of Principles of Management helps in taking scientific decisions

a. Adherence to these principles and add to knowledge and understanding of managerial situations.

B. Principles emphasis logic rather than blind faith.

c. Principles of management are at the core of the management theory

d. Principles are guidelines that can be modified as per the changing environment

12. In the words of …………………..,”…………………. means knowing exactly what you want men to do and seeing that they do it in the best and cheapest way”. Find the above blank with right option

a. Henry Fayol, Management

B. W. Taylor, Scientific Management

c. Haraold Koontz, Administrative Management

d. W.Taylor Management

13. Even a small production activity like loading pigs of iron into boxcars can be scientifically planned and managed. This can result in tremendous saving of human energy as well as wastage of time and materials. Which of the following Principles if management emphasize on above situation?

a. Harmony does not discord

B. Science not Rule of Thumb

c. Initiative

d. Development of each person to his or her greatest efficiency and prosperity

14. As per Cooperation, Not individualism principle of management, Competition should bereplaced with………………..

a. Coordination

B. Cooperation

c. Management

d. Harmony

15. Which of the following statements justifies the Principle Cooperation not Individualism.

a. Management and workers should transform their thinking towards each other Coordination

B. There should be equal division of work between Management and workers

c. Industrial efficiency depends to a large extent on personnel competencies

d. There is only one best method to maximize efficiency

16. Which of the following scientific management is violation of Unity of Command

a. Differential piece wage system

B. Fatigue study

c. Functional Foremanship

d. Simplification of work

17. Which of the following technique of scientific management has the objective to determine the number of workers to be employed: frame suitable incentive schemes and determine labour cost.

a. Differential piece wage system

B. Time study

c. Functional foremanship

d. Simplification of work

18. According to Taylor there can be many hindrances in good performance which may lead to fatigue. Identify the most suitable cause of Fatigue among the following options.

a. Long working hours

B. Doing unsuitable work

c. Non cordial relation with boss

d. All the above

19. . …………………… among the following was the first to identify four functions of management.

a. Henry Fayol

B. W. Taylor

c. Max Weber

d. Harold Koontz

20. Fayol’s Principle of Division of work can be applied to following kind of work.

a. Technical

B. Managerial

c. Both

d. None of these

21. “Authority is undermined, displine in jeopardy, order disturbed and stability threatened” Above statement is the violation of one of the principles of management.

a. Unity of direction

B. Discipline

c. Unity of command

d. Stability of Personnel

22. Which of the following is the most suitable example for principle of Centralization andDecentralization’

a. Manager should not fall in the temptation of misusing his/her powers for personal gains.

B. Panchayats in India have been given more powers to decide spend fund for welfare of people of their village.

c. Company has suggestion box system to encourage suggestions from

d. Personnel should be given reasonable time to show results

23. The continuation of Fayol and Taylor are ………………………. to each other

a. Competitive

B. Cooperative

c. Complimentary

d. Coordinated

24. General theory of Administration is the expression of:

a. W.Taylor

B. Henry Fayol

c. Max Weber

d. Brech

25. How are principles of management are formed?

a. By rule of Thumb

B. By observation and experimentation

c. By experiences of customers

d. By experiments in Science laboratory


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