Emerging Trends in Management Solved MCQs


Which of the following is not a typical supply chain member?

A. reseller
B. wholesaler
C. retailer's creditor
D. producer
Answer» D. producer

When suppliers, distributors, and customers partner with each other to improve performance of the entire system, they are participating in a…………..

A. supply and demand chain
B. supply chain
C. channel of distribution
D. value delivery network
Answer» D. value delivery network

A company's channel decisions directly affect every …………

A. competitor's actions
B. marketing decision
C. channel member
D. employee in the channel
Answer» B. marketing decision

From the economic system’spoint of view ,the role of marketing intermediaries is to transform the assortment of products made by producers in to the assortment of products wanted by…………….

A. consumers
B. distributors.
C. marketers
D. manufacturers
Answer» A. consumers

Intermediaries play an important role in matching .

A. supply and demand
B. product to region
C. information and promotion
D. manufacturer to product
Answer» A. supply and demand

Which of the following is not a key function that intermediaries play in completing transactions?

A. negotiation
B. information
C. negotiation
D. financing
Answer» D. financing

In marketing terms, we say that the number of intermediary levels indicates the …………of a channel.

A. complexity
B. length
C. involvement
D. width
Answer» B. length

An advantage of a channel of distribution over selling direct to consumers is that each channel member plays a ………….in the channel.

A. disciplinary role
B. decisional role
C. specialized role
D. time –saving part
Answer» C. specialized role

Historically, conventional channels have lacked the leadership to……….

A. assign channel member roles and attain efficiency
B. attain efficiency and assign member roles
C. set standard pricing and promotions
D. assign member roles and manage conflict
Answer» D. assign member roles and manage conflict

A Channel consisting of one or more independent producers, wholesalers or retailers that are seeking to maximize their own profits even at the expense of profits for the channel as a whole is a……………

A. vertical distribution structure
B. vertical marketing system
C. conventional distribution channel
D. independent channel allocation
Answer» C. conventional distribution channel

A corporate VMS has the advantage of controlling the entire distribution chain under…………

A. single ownership
B. a profit-maximizing strategic plan
C. a few intermediaries
D. mass distribution
Answer» A. single ownership

A distinguishing feature of a contractual VMS is that coordination and conflict management among the independent members of the channel are attained through…………….

A. contractual agreements
B. working partnerships
C. oral agreements
D. limited liability corporations.
Answer» A. contractual agreements

Leadership in which type of marketing system is assumed not through common ownership or contractual ties but through the size and power of one or a few dominant channel members?

A. administered vms
B. horizontal marketing system
C. corporate vms
D. conventional marketing channel .
Answer» A. administered vms

Hybrid marketing systems are also called………… .

A. multichannel distribution systems
B. horizontal multichannel systems
C. administered franchises
D. dual distribution systems
Answer» A. multichannel distribution systems

The major disadvantage of a multichannel system is that it is harder to control and it can generate…………

A. fewer domestic sales
B. less net profit
C. declining employee morale
D. greater conflict
Answer» D. greater conflict

In many industries,traditional intermediaries are dropping by the wayside because of changes in ……………and the growth of …………….marketing.

A. technology;direct and online
B. franchise structure;independent
C. federal laws;business-to business
D. state and local laws;target
Answer» A. technology;direct and online

Which of the following should be the first step in designing a marketing channel?

A. identifying what consumers want from the channel
B. evaluating intermediaries
C. analyzing channel alternatives
D. identifying channel objectives
Answer» A. identifying what consumers want from the channel

Companies should state their channel objectives in terms of targeted levels ……

A. customer service
B. efficiency and reduced conflict
C. profitability
D. fair prices
Answer» A. customer service

Which type of product might require a more direct marketing channel to avoid delays and too much handling?

A. products in their maturity stage
B. perishable products
C. high-priced products
D. lower-priced products
Answer» B. perishable products

Sometimes a producer chooses only a few dealers in a territory to distribute its products or services.Generally these dealers are given a right to…………..

A. corporate
B. administered
C. intensive
D. exclusive.
Answer» D. exclusive.

Channel members should be evaluated using all of the following criteria except which one?

A. control
B. economic factors
C. adaptive criteria
D. channel leadership
Answer» D. channel leadership

It is common for international marketers to………. their channel strategies for each country.

A. adapt
B. seek approval for
C. restrict
D. extend
Answer» A. adapt

Marketing channel management calls for selecting, managing,……… , and evaluating channel members over time.

A. reinstating
B. motivating
C. reducing conflict
D. reducing waste
Answer» B. motivating

Most companies practice strong PRM to forge long-term relationships with channel members.what does PRM stands for?

A. personal roster maintenance
B. partner relationship management
C. potential relationship management
D. primary relationship management
Answer» B. partner relationship management

Marketing logistics involves getting the right product to the right customer in the right place at the right time. Which one of the following is not included in this process?

A. implementing the plan for the flow of goods and services
B. gathering customer's ideas for new products
C. planning the physical flow of goods and services
D. controlling the physical flow of goods, services, and information
Answer» B. gathering customer's ideas for new products
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