Topic-wise solved MCQs for:
Bachelor of Arts in English (BA English)

1. Appreciating Poetry

2. Appreciating Prose

3. Communication Skills in English

4. Critical Reasoning, Writing and Presentation

5. Dalit Literature

6. Emergence and Establishment of Islam

7. English Grammar and Usage

8. English Literature and Informatics

9. Evolution Literary of Movements ,The cross currents of Change

10. Evolution of Literary Movements The Shapers of Destiny

11. Fundamentals of Communication and Media

12. Historical Survey of Islamic Golden Age

13. History and Philosophy of Science

14. History of English Literature 1

15. History of Journalism 1

16. History of Journalism 2

17. History of Mass Media

18. History of Tudors and Stuarts

19. Indian Constitution and Politics

20. Indian Constitution And Politics 1

21. Indian Constitution And Politics 2

22. Indian Writing in English.

23. Informatics

24. Introducing to Literature

25. Introduction to Communication and Journalism

26. Introduction to Electronic Media

27. Introduction to Mass Communication

28. Introduction to Political Science and Governmental Structures and Processes

29. Introduction to TV and Cinema

30. Journalistic Practices

31. Language and Linguistics

32. Literary Criticism and Theory

33. Literature and Contemporary Issues

34. Literatures in English- American and Postcolonial

35. Methodology in Humanities

36. Methodology of Literature

37. Modern English Literature

38. Modern Indian History (1857 to the present) 1

39. Modern Indian History (1857 to the present) 2

40. Modern World History

41. Modern World History from AD 1500

42. Movements and Revivalism in Islam- Islamic Revivalism in Modern Era

43. Movements and Revivalism in Islam- Political Movements in the Middle East

44. Perspective on Literature

45. Principles of Sociology

46. Radio and Television (Electronic Media)

47. Reading Drama

48. Reading Fiction

49. Reading Literature in English

50. Reading on Indian Constitution, Secularism and Sustainable Environment

51. Reading Poetry

52. Reading Prose

53. Regional Literature in Translation

54. Signatures- Expressing the self

55. Social and Cultural History of Britain

56. Social and Cultural History of Britain (Ancient and Medieval Period)

57. Social and Cultural History of Britain 2

58. Spectrum- Literature and Contemporary Issues

59. Transactions- Essential English Language Skills

60. Ways with Words

61. World Classic In Translation

62. Writing for Academic and Professional Success

63. Zeitgeist- Reading on Contemporary Culture

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